Unstructured Supplementary Service Data or USSD in short is a service that allows mobile phone users to interact with a remote application from their device in real time. A predefined session is started once a user dials in to facilitate the transfer of information between your application and the user. It is a highly scalable service as it does not require an internet connection and is supported by both feature and smartphones

Dedicated USSD

This is a three digit code for example *123# that is used solely by one user for their company or service

Shared USSD

This is a code that is used by multiple companies or services. Each company is allocated a channel on our dedicated codes, for example *123*45#

Use Cases

User Registration

USSD is a powerful marketing tool for leading users to quickly register for your service. Enhance the customer on boarding experience by adding services such as SMS and Voice to your USSD application

Data Collection

USSD is a powerful tool for data collection because it is universally accessible on any mobile phone. The session-based nature of USSD services also make them better suited for structured surveys as compared to SMS

Query Services

Give access to structured information from your application with USSD menus. The interactive nature can layer leading questions to deliver the right information

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