Shortcode General Information

ShortCodes are special Five digit numbers, significantly shorter and easy to remember numbers unlike the normal telephone numbers eg. 22138, 21441 that are used to facilitated communication on mobile phones. Shortcodes can be configured in a number of ways depending on your desired interaction and the need of use.


  • Zero rate:Your consumer is not billed for any interactions over the shortcode and you meet the cost of the messaging
  • Normal rate:Your consumer is charged at the rate of their subscribed tariff, with no additional cost to you, all cost is taken care by the subscribed consumer
  • Premium rate:Your consumer is billed at an agreed and set rate higher than their normal tariff


Billing can be done on MO – Mobile origination, where if your consumer does not have the required airtime balance they will not access the service (excellent for upfront content purchases, opinion polls and lotteries ) or MT – Mobile Termination, where consumers can access the service with fulfilment and billing happening as the content or response is delivered ( excellent for subscription based services ).

This is the Type of shortcode assigned to only one client. Businesses, individuals or organizations that need increased customization and additional services choose to use dedicated short codes. A dedicated short code is your personal short code; no other business or service will have the same short code.

The services you choose based on your business Logic are adverse and you choose what products to raise on that particular shortcode.

These SMS short codes can be allocated to more than one client at a time. Shared SMS short codes are easier and cheaper to set up than Golden or Dedicated short code.

Shared short codes are an excellent way for any size of business to save money on group text messages.  By using this type of service a business can send instant text message to a single contact all the way up to thousands.  Sharing a SMS shortcode is the most cost effective way to send group text messages.

These are SMS short codes that are easier to remember for example 22422 or 20222 because they are highly in demand they are more costly.